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Fabrication - The process of taking raw slabs and processing them into countertops and fixtures.

Slab - Large, thin, flat pieces of stone cut from large blocks of stone. Usually 2 centimeters (3/4 inch) or 3 centimeters (1 1/4 inch) thick, slabs are often fabricated into kitchen countertops, vanities or used as cladding on vertical surfaces.

Honed Finish - A smooth, but not shiny finish on stone. The finish is ideal in terms of maximizing wear, and minimizing maintenance.

Polished Finish - A high-shine finish attained by machine-buffing stone with successively finer buffers and compound. Polished finished require periodic renovation when used on soft materials for flooring.

Seam - The thin line where two pieces of slab come together. This should be a tight fit, much less than the typical tile grout line.

Movement - Slabs where the color and pattern have dramatic changes and veining to create an unique look.

Consistency - Slabs where the colors are uniform and have a consistent pattern.

Lamination - The process of gluing two pieces of stone to double the thickness of a stone edge (2cm 3/4 inch to 4cm 1 1/2 inch).

Undermount Sink - A sink that attaches to the underside of a stone slab. This style accentuates the polished edge of the sink cut out and allows you to have your fixture cleanly on the granite.

Top Mount Sink - A sink that hangs on top of a stone slab cut out. It has an exposed lip on top of your counter.

Edge Detail - The polished or chiseled edge profile of a slab counter top.

Template - The process of measuring the cabinets without countertops attached. This physical measurement allows for irregular backwalls and field dimensions.

Book Matched Slabs - Slabs that are cut from the same block in order to match movement and veining during the fabrication process.

Rodding - The process of routing natural stone and putting metal rods into the routed stone in order to support the sink area.

Corbels - L-shaped bracket used to support any overhang.

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